Wine So Fine – Some Top Products

Many years ago a young man had failed big time at selling t-shirt online. It’s not that he didn’t sell any. He sold quite a number of personalized shirts targeted at grandmas and Game of Thrones fans. But advertising profitably on facebook is not an easy thing. He had no idea that it would be wine that would give him success.

Browsing random products on sites like aliexpress and ebay, the young man came across an intriguing product that immediately captured his attention. It was a product he had never seen before. What was it? Well, it was a phone case, a case for iphones. Back then it was iphone 4 and iphone 5. But it was very clever and very unique.

It was a clear case that allowed the iphone to be visible. But there was a raised portion of the plastic, still flat, about a millimeter, in the shape of a wine glass. The formed shape was also clear plastic, but here’s the rub–here’s the good part: there was actual red liquid inside the wine glass!

Yes, it was a 3D shape, with a slight gap that contained liquid that looked like wine. You could tilt and rotate your phone and the liquid would slosh around, just like in a real wine glass. To this young man, this phone case struck him as so clever and so fun–and he wasn’t even a wine drinker or a wine fan! Yet he imagined that wine lovers would find this pretty neat.

Boy was he wrong. They didn’t merely find it neat. They were in LOVE with it. Tens of thousands of wine ladies ordered it. Even a vineyard and winery ordered a huge batch of these wine phone cases. They were so popular that soon the manufacturers created a phone wallet version, and purple was the most popular color. Why do the middle aged women love purple so much? Who’s to say.

But it’s safe to assume that the type of wine fanatics who are patrons and customers of total wine & more would have likely seen this product, if not outright purchased one or more of those phone cases.

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