Wine Is for Women, Guys Drink Other Alcohol

One of my favorite episodes of Nathan for you is titled “Liquor Store.” At least that’s what the video is titled on youtube, the short teaser clip. Actually, I think the clip is six minutes long so it’s not that short. Like all Nathan’s antics and adventures, this one is super hilarious.

He talks the liquor store owner into selling alcohol to minors, with the catch being that they can’t actually take it home until they turn 21. Sure, they can pay for it, but once they do, they learn the drink must stay in storage at the store, much to their chagrin.

What’s interesting is that all the minors that come into the store to purchase what normally would be illegal alcohol are males. There are no girls that come in to the store. On top of that, all the guys buy beverages that are not wine. Granted, it’s not a large enough sample size, but it still represents the reality that both you and I know to be: on the whole, most women drink the most wine, while men (in this case boys–young men) drink other alcohol.

One of the comments said this: “Just get some fine un-aged wine when you have your first born and have it age until they’re 21.”

So even though wine was never mentioned in the episode or purchased by the young men, the commenter suggested wine, as it is really the only type of alcohol that gets better by sitting for many years.

This makes me wonder what the gender break down is over at Total Wine & More, given the focus is on wine. If it’s nothing but wine, then I would hazard a guess that it’s around 85% women. That’s overwhelmingly female.

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