What Do Wine Lovers Care About?

Let’s see how much I can write about wine in five minutes, okay? The idea here is to think about all the numerous topics around wine. And so if we try to answer the question “what do wine drinkers–wine fans–find interesting and engaging when it comes to wine?” what do we come up with just off the top of our head?

Well, let’s see. We have wine tasting and everything that goes with that. Such as, the debate and the uproar around the validity or scammy nature of those who claim they can judge the quality and taste of wine. That definitely could get a blog post all its own.

Then we have wineries. Which may or may not be different from the vineyards. I’m almost certain it is the case that most vineyards (where they grow and process the grapes into wine), if not all vineyards, have a winery to complement it. It’s only natural.

Okay, I see that I wrote three paragraphs in 5 minutes. And I only covered two wine topics! It will be interesting to see if there is total coverage of all wine aspects over at Total Wine and More.

Another topic that I feel would be interesting to cover is “wine in TV and movies.” For example, one of my favorite stories actually involves a whole lot of wine drinking. That would be Game of Thrones. Tyrion and Cersei seem to be the most prolific consumers of wine. George RR Martin is big on world-building and says he wants to put you right into the world, which is why he spends so much of his books describing, among many things, the food and drink. Well, I could fill several blog posts with his descriptions of people drinking wine, getting drunk, and what the wines taste like. Maybe George should be a wine taster and judge–he’s got the vocabulary and ability to make up whatever and sound super convincing. Ha!

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