Wine Is for Women, Guys Drink Other Alcohol

One of my favorite episodes of Nathan for you is titled “Liquor Store.” At least that’s what the video is titled on youtube, the short teaser clip. Actually, I think the clip is six minutes long so it’s not that short. Like all Nathan’s antics and adventures, this one is super hilarious. He talks the … Read more

What Do Wine Lovers Care About?

Let’s see how much I can write about wine in five minutes, okay? The idea here is to think about all the numerous topics around wine. And so if we try to answer the question “what do wine drinkers–wine fans–find interesting and engaging when it comes to wine?” what do we come up with just … Read more

Wine So Fine – Some Top Products

Many years ago a young man had failed big time at selling t-shirt online. It’s not that he didn’t sell any. He sold quite a number of personalized shirts targeted at grandmas and Game of Thrones fans. But advertising profitably on facebook is not an easy thing. He had no idea that it would be … Read more