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tote+able: Heavy weight cotton canvas cover with a BPA free, leak proof, and airtight liner which holds 120 ml/4 oz of liquid.

specification: Holds 120 ml/4 oz of your favorite libation. Our canvas canteens are USA made using rugged cotton canvas construction and design forward graphics. A 1 oz spun aluminum shot glass tops off the flask for easy sipping. Fits in your back pocket when full, folds flat when empty.

innovation: Our ‘Flask and Shot Glass’ tuck into your purse, backpack, or back pocket. Just remove the shot glass, pour yourself a sip, and sit back and enjoy. Perfect for just about any occasion; use your imagination!

care for canteen: Rinse the liner or use bottle brush with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Wash exterior with soap and water and let completely air dry.

Made in the USA

capacity: 120 ml/4 oz
size: 4”x7”


Tacos & Tequila  4 oz
Spirit Animal  4 oz
Goodnight Moonshine  4 oz
I Got Drunk  4 oz
Escape  4 oz
One Drink  4 oz
Alcohol  4 oz
Power  4 oz
White Lightning  4 oz
Love  4 oz
Like a Mermaid  4 oz
United Whiskey  4 oz
Rock n Roll  4 oz
I Heart Country Music  4 oz
Rough n Ready  4 oz
Trust Me  4 oz
Dr. Feelgood  4 oz
Country Western  4 oz
Alcohol You Later  4 oz
Drink Drank Drunk  4 oz
Bro  4 oz
Born to be Wild  4 oz
Game On  4 oz
Drink Fish  4 oz
Drink Sresponsibly  4 oz
Get It On  4 oz
Hell Yes  4 oz
Raise Hell  4 oz
Weekender  4 oz
Drink Whiskey  4 oz
Authentic Hawaii  4 oz
Tooled Leather  4 oz
Embroidered Pocket  4 oz
Black + White Weave  4 oz
Tweed  4 oz
Lace  4 oz
Striped Denim  4 oz
Indigo  4 oz
Ikat  4 oz
Black+Red Plaid  4 oz
Green Plaid  4 oz
Black & Natural  4 oz
Brown & Natural  4 oz
Wool Blanket  4 oz
Boho Fringe  4 oz
Red Plaid  4 oz
Khaki Plaid  4 oz
Black Plaid  4 oz
Plaid Buffalo Flask Assortment 120 ml
Cheers  4 oz
Buzzed  4 oz
Liquid Courage  4 oz
Keep Calm Booze  4 oz
Hair of the Dog  4 oz
XOXO  4 oz
Thirst Aid  4 oz
Whiskey Frisky  4 oz
Girls' Night Out  4 oz
I Do  4 oz
Americana  4 oz
Moonshine  4 oz
Sugar Skull  4 oz
RX  4 oz
Mother's Helper  4 oz
Industrial  4 oz
Spirits  4 oz
L'Petit  4 oz
Outlaw  4 oz
Straight Shot  4 oz
Drink, Glug, Glug  4 oz
Bottoms Up  4 oz
Love Potion #9  4 oz