Black & Natural Rough & Ready  750 ml

Black & Natural Rough & Ready 750 ml


innovation: A classic that never goes out of style.

tote+able: Heavy weight cotton canvas cover with a BPA free, leak proof, and airtight liner which holds 500 ml/16 oz of liquid.

specification: Holds 750ml/25 oz of your favorite beverage. Our canvas canteens are USA made using rugged cotton canvas construction and vintage inspired graphics. With a nod toward utility, we use rivets, grommets, and an aluminum carabiner which attaches our canteen to your belt, backpack, bike, purse, or market bag. Old school canteen, spun aluminum chain, and cap adds a vintage look with all the benefits of our traditional tote+able canvas canteens.

care for canteen: Rinse the liner or use bottle brush with warm water and a bit of dish soap. Wash exterior with soap and water and let completely air dry.

capacity: 750 ml/25 oz
size: 5"x11”

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