about tote+able

Thirst Aid canvas totes
Beginning with a pottery studio in Northern CA in 1980, two brothers began a life long business partnership of creating and building beautiful functional wares in their Northen CA home town. Through evolutions, collaborations, and reinventions tote+able was born in 2012, 32 years after the first stoneware pottery was removed from the kiln. The tote+able brand and collection of canvas canteens, flasks, bags, and aprons are the most current line of products to come from that collaborative effort.

Our creative team is a versatile, inventive, and artistically talented collective effort of graphic design, product design, and innovative production processes that utilize the experience of the many years and personal creative challenges that we have enjoyed.


The Product
The tote+able brand has become synonymous with innovation, alternative product design solutions, and strong graphic imagery. Our tote+able canvas canteens and flasks are unique in an industry overrun by traditional beverage containers and devices. Our extra heavy weight canvas material insures a long lasting product that can be customized to tell regional, corporate, and special event stories.


The Production Process
Since the beginning we have created products that require many hands on processes to produce the finished product. Our team of local craftspeople and production personnel are a family of dedicated and
talented individuals. Building local is a philosophy we have followed and embraced from our early roots that continues to this day.


The Sales Team and The Front Office
We at tote+able have been fortunate to retain, over time, the services of our inhouse sales and office team. They have been our personality and customer service support for nearly 20 years. These experienced individuals, work with customers, production, and creative to insure timely shipments, quality control, knowledge of product and process, and most importantly, friendly and helpful customer service.


A Family
We are a family. Literally, brothers and sisters, cousins, and close friends. Everyone at tote+able has both a personal and working relationship. Together we take pride in what we do. We work hard to insure success and originality. Most of all, we enjoy the privalege of working and building our products here in the USA.




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